Who gets Spot in the divorce?

Whether it’s Spot or Fido, pets have not only been an important addition to families but are often considered a family member in their own right. Because of this love for animals, when a couple is divorcing, one of the contentious issues may be who gets to keep the family pet. Animals across the United States are taking a much more important role in families and although they are still considered property, divorce courts are starting to handle the issue more like child custody cases.

A survey of divorce lawyers in 2006 showed that 25 percent of them reported a sizeable increase in pet custody cases since 2001. In divorce cases, pets are legally defined as personal property, as is the case across the country. But due to the emotional attachment that one may have to an animal, the property division can be a lot more difficult than the splitting of assets such as a car of furniture.

Courts are starting to take into consideration the importance of the pet for those in the family. They are considering issues such as who was the primary caregiver of the animal when it comes to determining custody of the pet. In a lot of cases, a judge will place a family pet in the home where the minor children will reside after the divorce.

Although documents, such as prenuptial agreements, could help a divorcing couple make a swifter decision, the choice is often left to the courts to find a home for the pet. Those in Illinois confronting pet custody issues may do well to understand the relevant law as it applies to their case in the hopes of negotiating an equitable resolution.

Charlie Sheen defeated in child custody hearing

Contrary to what Charlie Sheen may have believed, he was quite capable of losing. Yesterday, he and his soon-to-be former wife Brooke Mueller appeared for an emergency hearing in which the court determined the actor should not have custody of their young twin sons. According to news sources, the court made no change to the current custody agreement, meaning that Mueller still has primary custody.

Sheen and Mueller had reached a custody agreement last month. However, when Mueller later returned to rehab, Sheen wanted to change the agreement. The actor sought custody of the boys and wanted to stop making child support payments, which tally $55,000 a month.

Considering that both Sheen and Mueller have a history of drug and alcohol abuse, the court’s custody decision was difficult. Further, the actor has a history of violence. Before the custody issue was temporarily solved earlier, Mueller said Sheen had threatened to stab her in the eye and “cut [her] head off” if she took the boys away from him. At one point, he was even convicted of battery with serious injury.

Back in March, Mueller admitted she was struggling with sobriety, but she said she was taking steps to be successful. She reported she was participating in a day program and living with a sober companion. Her mother was helping her care for the twin boys.

Sheen felt strongly that the custody situation should be altered. He argued that he, not Mueller, should have primary custody. He stated that he was fully capable of caring for his children, and his boys should be living with him.

Concerned for the well-being of the children, Denise Richards, Sheen’s former wife, contacted the actor and offered to take care of the boys until the custody dispute was resolved.

However, now that the court has determined Mueller will retain custody, it appears as though the matter is settled. Sheen and Mueller’s divorce will become official May 2.



Dangers of the Novelty Helmet

Most motorcycle owners know at some point they will have an accident. Every time they are out on the road, motorcyclists are in a vulnerable position. Riders simply do not have the protection of being surrounded by a large vehicle that will absorb the impact of any collision. For this reason, motorcyclists and their passengers are required by law to wear helmets in California. However, not all helmets offer the same protection. Riders need to know that the helmet they are wearing is the best possible option to prevent serious head injuries from occurring.
Californians must wear helmets officially approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT). Each helmet that is approved by the U.S. DOT will have a sticker indicating that it meets the agency’s requirements. These helmets are full-face models that cover a motorcyclist’s entire head. There is a shatterproof visor that protects the eyes, while the front of the helmet protects the rider’s chin. The back of the head is covered as well, and there is a strap to make sure that the helmet stays on in the event of a crash. Inside, there is an inner liner that helps to cushion the head if there is a collision.
While full-faced helmets offer the most protection, many riders can be seen wearing so-called “novelty helmets.” Novelty helmets cut off at the forehead, and do not offer any protection to the eyes or chin of the rider. The rider’s entire face is exposed and at risk in the event of an accident. Additionally, the helmets have no inner cushion and do not cover the back of the head, so any force to the back of the head could result in serious injuries.
Riders need to be aware of the potential for head injuries that could result if not prepared. Wearing a helmet can help to cut down on traumatic brain injuries from motorcycle crash, broken bones or concussions that motorcyclists may suffer. If the helmet is not U.S. DOT certified, damages may be reduced for motorcyclists that have been in an accident. Many retailers will not even sell the unlicensed helmets for liability reasons. Those who opt for the novelty helmet usually do so for style reasons and may not know that they are unsafe. Every rider knows the risks, but there is no need to head out unprepared. Select a helmet that offers you the best chance to make it through an accident unscathed.

Woman Injured in House Fire

Firefighters confirmed that an Orange County woman sustained a personal injury during a house fire last week. According to reports, the fire started in the woman’s bedroom in the early morning hours. Fire crews arrived on the scene around 4 a.m. to find billows of smoke coming from the front of the home.
The firefighters immediately began battling the fire in the bedroom. Orange County Fire and Rescue officials report that the victim was able to escape the flames but received burns to her hand prior to the crews’ arrival. Firefighters were able to extinguish the flames without incident or injury, necessitating personal injury lawyers in Florida.
The victim declined offers for transport to the hospital. No information has been made available as to why the victim refused medical evaluation for her personal injury .
The Florida state fire marshal is currently conducting an investigation to determine the cause of the fire. Firefighters told reporters that fire crews would continue to check the home throughout the remainder of the day in order to extinguish any residual hot spots.
Orange County Fire Rescue officials announced that their team would be returning to the neighborhood the following day in an effort to supply residents with smoke detectors. Statistics indicate that most homes are not equipped with an adequate number of smoke detectors.
Officials are urging all citizens to increase awareness of fire safety within the home. It is recommended that homes are equipped with the proper number of smoke detectors, as well as fire extinguishers. More information can be obtained through local fire and rescue authorities.

UPS Truck Crashes Into Ford Edge on I-4

Trucks haul freight all over the United States. Drivers travelling alongside those trucks can be seriously injured when drivers lose control. On Friday, August 27, one such driver was lucky to walk away with minor injuries after a UPS truck driver crashed into his Ford Edge on Florida Interstate 4.

Truck accidents in Lauderhill can cause significant damage to the other vehicles involved. At around 2 o’clock in the morning last Friday, Michael Shaver was driving his car on I-4 when a UPS driver lost control of his truck and crashed into Shaver.

The UPS driver, Craig Roy, said that a mechanical failure was the cause of the truck accident. He lost control of the semi-truck, crashed into the median and collided with Shaver’s car. Shaver described that the semi-truck “dragged [his Ford Edge] along the wall until [both vehicles] came to a stop.”
Two people including Shaver suffered minor injuries in the crash, although a doctor who stopped to help said that he was “surprised” that Shaver “had only minor scratches” because “the vehicle was almost demolished.”

In addition to destroying Shaver’s car, the Lauderhill car accident also spilled 75 gallons of diesel fuel and spread pieces of the truck across I-4. It took crews hours to clean up the highway and reopen it to traffic.
In addition to the damage to Shaver’s car and the medical bills of those involved, UPS also needs to be concerned with the packages the truck was carrying. A UPS spokesperson said that the company will offer up to $100 for damaged packages, and shippers who believe their packages warrant higher compensation will be considered individually.

Tanker Truck Accident Puts Halt to Miami High-Speed Police Chase

An Orlando-based trucker’s tanker rig was the immovable object that put an end to a high-speed chase in Miami yesterday, police say. More than a dozen police cars were chasing a fleeing robbery suspect on I-95 when the pursuit was abruptly ended as the suspect’s SUV slammed into the rear end of the tanker truck. The tractor-trailer accident was enough to jolt the truck — and it crushed the front end of the robbery suspect’s Ford Expedition.

56-year-old Matthew Armstrong was heading back to Central Florida in an Indian River Transport tanker after delivering a shipment in Miami. His wife Patricia was riding in the cab. Just as they crossed the Broward County line at around 11 a.m., they were surprised by the police chase.

According to police, the high-speed chase began because a police officer witnessed the suspect attempting to commit a robbery. The suspect took off in his Ford Expedition, igniting a chase that involved at least twelve police cars and was followed by press helicopters.

The police chase met with an abrupt end when the suspect rammed his SUV into the transport truck near the Hallandale Beach Boulevard on I-95. Police and press reports described the truck accident as causing the SUV to slam to an immediate stop when it encountered the heavy, slow-moving tanker.

Matthew and Patricia Armstrong were injured in the wreck but were treated at a local hospital and released later that afternoon. The robbery suspect was also injured in the commercial truck accident, although it is unclear how serious his injuries may be.

Truck Driver a Bit of a Hero for Inadvertently Assisting With Arrest
It isn’t every day that a commercial trucker helps the police collar a suspect, and certainly not in this unusual way. Armstrong has worked for about 3-1/2 years for Indian River Transport, a large trucking company based in Winter Haven. If you face an incident like this in Deerfield Beach, contact the services of an experienced Deerfield Beach car accident lawyer.

Split Marital Assets Can Be Helped by an Columbus Divorce Attorney

Blurring the distinction between separate and marital property

The pieces above produced it look that unique between individual and marital property claims is not very difficult. Because it looks sadly, nothing is ever as easy. The real challenge with individual property is that individual home and often marital become commingled. To demonstrate this concept and illustration is helpful.

Example: When Jill and Jack got married owed an apartment distinct and free. The fact that she owned the house ahead of the marriage makes it separate property. However, during the course of the marriage Jill and Port updated toilet and your kitchen within the house. Let’s assume that the renovations were made with marital resources, the matter becomes just how much importance did the marital info produce towards the house. In a breakup, Jack would be eligible for onehalf of the gratitude on house that come in the upgrades.

Does Iowa law require that all marital home be split equally in a divorce?

A typical misconception is that every one property is split similarly throughout a breakup. It’s not the hard and fast rule, though equal distribution could be the most typical outcome.

Within the State-Of Ohio, the law regulating the department of residence in appropriate and divorce separation instances states that : “…the division of marital property shall be identical. If the same split of marital property would be inequitable, the court shan’t separate the martial residence equally but rather shall separate it between your couples inside the approach the judge establishes equitable.” What this means, is the fact that surfaces are purported to do what’s good in each specific scenario – occasionally this will be a level distribution, and sometimes it will be an uneven distribution.

If my partner engaged in economic misconduct, can I obtain a greater share of the resources?

Yes. Kansas law permits the judge when the other partner committed fiscal misconduct to pay the offended partner having a larger share of the assets. Fiscal misconduct includes, but isn’t limited by, assets’ dissipation fraudulent or concealment disposition.

Accidental Injury Death Attorney in Stuart

Under Florida law, a family group who has shed someone you care about because of the liable or dangerous conduct of a person, organization, or entity may follow a death suit against parties or the celebration accountable. Fatal accidents can happen in numerous configurations, including medical negligence car or truck crashes, the use of a risky or defective merchandise, or on-the-work accidents when a next party’s problem brought for the worker’s death. Just experienced Stuart attorneys can encourage families in Stuart, FL on the best way to pursue the problems they deserve for that lack of someone you care about, and also the surrounding communities.

Bringing a Wrongful Death Claim
Death lawsuits must be extensively investigated when possible after an accident in order to limit evidence’s disappearance. You can find different crucial causes to get counsel soon after a deadly collision. The statute of disadvantages, the outer time-limit for filing a lawsuit, is smaller in a wrongful death case than in an instance regarding a nonfatal injury, and it’s also often essential to abide by this concept to be able to sustain the proper to settlement.

The key of a wrongful death scenario generally is currently creating that the opposition was in causing the accident that resulted in the death liable. In many standard contexts, negligence ensures that the offender did not react in a prudent and reasonable approach. Nevertheless, you’ll find four components in a neglect scenario: responsibility, violation, causation, and injuries. If a defendant breached that responsibility owed a duty of treatment, and caused problems towards the plaintiff due to the break, the opposition probably will undoubtedly be found liable. In case a celebration apart from the offender contributed towards the dangerous collision, the problems award might be reduced for the magnitude compared that any party is available to become liable.

Underneath the Florida Wrongful Death Work, enduring family unit members of a victim whose life ended in a fatal accident could be eligible to damages for your loss in the dead person’s camaraderie, instruction, steering, and security. Furthermore, the decedent’s estate lost net profits, and might find transaction funeral expenses, for medical expenses. While determining problems, expert witnesses may examine factors including the deceased person’s job, earnings, age along with other related considerations.

Contact a Stuart personal injury lawyer for more information.

Coconut Creek and Accidents

Coconut Creek Personal Injury lawyer focusing on Product Liability, Wrongful Death, Vehicle Accident and More

But every customer receives attention that is careful, trustworthy from our team that is proficient. Each designated legal assistant, paralegal, and lawyer works collectively to give attention to the individual customer as well as their needs that are exceptional in every instance.

Effort by skilled professionals, clear communication, and truthfulness is the normal you will constantly see when working with a legal professional situated in Coconut Creek carried on.

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The evidence is not difficult to see: Now, as always, we stay true to the ideals of tenacity, compassion, uniformity, discipline, and respect .

Coconut Creek Attorneys Fighting for your own Right to Reparation
As personal injury law specialists and learned trial lawyers, the solicitors manage a broad range of cases with great success for our customers. In case you are the victim of another person ‘s neglect in any form of vehicular injury–auto, bike, plane, truck, semi, trailer, boat, or personal watercraft–we can allow you to get the settlement you deserve and want.


Coconut Creek, FL, continues to be acknowledged as a sustainable, green city having a population of 1,400 companies and over 50,000 residents. This planned community offers amazing houses and offices only 45 minutes from West Palm Beach and Miami.

Butterfly World is part with trails as well as equestrian activities.

In this community that is perfect, yet, is a requirement for skilled, legal aid that is trustworthy. That is where the seasoned Coconut Creek car accident law firm steps in to meet a function that is vital in protecting the rights of property owners and local residents.

Ways to Avoid Being Charged With DUI

No one intends to be detained for driving under the influence, but it is an unfortunate repercussion of poor decision making. The best way for individuals to avoid being charged with DUI is to refrain from drinking before they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. However, there are also several other decisions that they make during a traffic stop that could prevent them from being charged with DUI or at least lessen their charges.  Keep in mind, you can talk to a DUI Lawyer in Newton, NJ with additional questions.

Stay Calm and Polite

Drivers who are pulled over should remain calm and polite when the officers ask them questions about how much they had to drink before driving. Their answers become part of the police record, so they have to keep in mind that being caught lying may increase their chances of being detained and charged with DUI. For example, it does not sound like they are being honest if they tell the officers that they only had one drink but fail a sobriety test afterward. No matter what, they should not argue or get defensive with the officers.

Be Ready With Updated Documents

During the traffic stop, drivers should smoothly and calmly pass their driver’s license, insurance card and vehicle registration to the officers upon request. The officers will watch them closely because they must have a certain degree of suspicion before they administer a field sobriety test. Planning ahead and having these items ready at all times could reduce their suspicion.

Comply With On-Site Breath Tests

If the officers ask that the drivers submit to a Breathalyzer to determine their blood alcohol content, they should comply. New Jersey is an implied consent state, so drivers give their consent to a Breathalyzer when they obtain their driver’s license. Although they can ask for a more reliable test, the officers have the authority to charge them for refusing to take the roadside test.

Submit to Field Sobriety Tests

Officers are allowed to ask drivers to exit their vehicles for any traffic stop. The officers will look for if they smell of alcohol, have bloodshot eyes or show other signs of a high BAC. It is best for the drivers to maintain eye contact while they calmly exit their cars. If the officers ask them to perform field sobriety tests, the drivers have the right to request changes that could make them more successful. For instance, they can ask for changes if the ground is uneven or they are wearing difficult footwear. Even if the officers refuse their requests, their concerns are at least on record if they end up in court.