UPS Truck Crashes Into Ford Edge on I-4

Trucks haul freight all over the United States. Drivers travelling alongside those trucks can be seriously injured when drivers lose control. On Friday, August 27, one such driver was lucky to walk away with minor injuries after a UPS truck driver crashed into his Ford Edge on Florida Interstate 4.

Truck accidents in Lauderhill can cause significant damage to the other vehicles involved. At around 2 o’clock in the morning last Friday, Michael Shaver was driving his car on I-4 when a UPS driver lost control of his truck and crashed into Shaver.

The UPS driver, Craig Roy, said that a mechanical failure was the cause of the truck accident. He lost control of the semi-truck, crashed into the median and collided with Shaver’s car. Shaver described that the semi-truck “dragged [his Ford Edge] along the wall until [both vehicles] came to a stop.”
Two people including Shaver suffered minor injuries in the crash, although a doctor who stopped to help said that he was “surprised” that Shaver “had only minor scratches” because “the vehicle was almost demolished.”

In addition to destroying Shaver’s car, the Lauderhill car accident also spilled 75 gallons of diesel fuel and spread pieces of the truck across I-4. It took crews hours to clean up the highway and reopen it to traffic.
In addition to the damage to Shaver’s car and the medical bills of those involved, UPS also needs to be concerned with the packages the truck was carrying. A UPS spokesperson said that the company will offer up to $100 for damaged packages, and shippers who believe their packages warrant higher compensation will be considered individually.