Dangers of the Novelty Helmet

Most motorcycle owners know at some point they will have an accident. Every time they are out on the road, motorcyclists are in a vulnerable position. Riders simply do not have the protection of being surrounded by a large vehicle that will absorb the impact of any collision. For this reason, motorcyclists and their passengers are required by law to wear helmets in California. However, not all helmets offer the same protection. Riders need to know that the helmet they are wearing is the best possible option to prevent serious head injuries from occurring.
Californians must wear helmets officially approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT). Each helmet that is approved by the U.S. DOT will have a sticker indicating that it meets the agency’s requirements. These helmets are full-face models that cover a motorcyclist’s entire head. There is a shatterproof visor that protects the eyes, while the front of the helmet protects the rider’s chin. The back of the head is covered as well, and there is a strap to make sure that the helmet stays on in the event of a crash. Inside, there is an inner liner that helps to cushion the head if there is a collision.
While full-faced helmets offer the most protection, many riders can be seen wearing so-called “novelty helmets.” Novelty helmets cut off at the forehead, and do not offer any protection to the eyes or chin of the rider. The rider’s entire face is exposed and at risk in the event of an accident. Additionally, the helmets have no inner cushion and do not cover the back of the head, so any force to the back of the head could result in serious injuries.
Riders need to be aware of the potential for head injuries that could result if not prepared. Wearing a helmet can help to cut down on traumatic brain injuries from motorcycle crash, broken bones or concussions that motorcyclists may suffer. If the helmet is not U.S. DOT certified, damages may be reduced for motorcyclists that have been in an accident. Many retailers will not even sell the unlicensed helmets for liability reasons. Those who opt for the novelty helmet usually do so for style reasons and may not know that they are unsafe. Every rider knows the risks, but there is no need to head out unprepared. Select a helmet that offers you the best chance to make it through an accident unscathed.