Charlie Sheen defeated in child custody hearing

Contrary to what Charlie Sheen may have believed, he was quite capable of losing. Yesterday, he and his soon-to-be former wife Brooke Mueller appeared for an emergency hearing in which the court determined the actor should not have custody of their young twin sons. According to news sources, the court made no change to the current custody agreement, meaning that Mueller still has primary custody.

Sheen and Mueller had reached a custody agreement last month. However, when Mueller later returned to rehab, Sheen wanted to change the agreement. The actor sought custody of the boys and wanted to stop making child support payments, which tally $55,000 a month.

Considering that both Sheen and Mueller have a history of drug and alcohol abuse, the court’s custody decision was difficult. Further, the actor has a history of violence. Before the custody issue was temporarily solved earlier, Mueller said Sheen had threatened to stab her in the eye and “cut [her] head off” if she took the boys away from him. At one point, he was even convicted of battery with serious injury.

Back in March, Mueller admitted she was struggling with sobriety, but she said she was taking steps to be successful. She reported she was participating in a day program and living with a sober companion. Her mother was helping her care for the twin boys.

Sheen felt strongly that the custody situation should be altered. He argued that he, not Mueller, should have primary custody. He stated that he was fully capable of caring for his children, and his boys should be living with him.

Concerned for the well-being of the children, Denise Richards, Sheen’s former wife, contacted the actor and offered to take care of the boys until the custody dispute was resolved.

However, now that the court has determined Mueller will retain custody, it appears as though the matter is settled. Sheen and Mueller’s divorce will become official May 2.